Leaders in the digital generation of opportunities

Discover the sales solutions that have generated more than 42.000 sales for the Automotive, Renting, Insurance, and more sectors.

Leaders in the digital generation of opportunities

Your magic sales letter

Through our Lead Capture System and an advanced Scoring system,

we are able to identify, segment and qualify potential digital customers
that are in the lowest part of the sales funnel.

We design and execute aligned tactical / strategic actions
to the objectives of your sales force, helping manufacturers, dealers,
operators, portals and financial entities to achieve their sales objectives.
What is your goal?

Traffic to exhibitions

Traffic to exhibitions

Manage to generate a high volume of quality clients for your exhibitions.

Get opportunities

Get opportunities

Systematically generate real sales opportunities to your sales force.

Boost sales

Boost sales

Secure your sales objectives through digital solutions adapted to your processes.

Experts in Digital <br>  Sales

Experts in Digital

When you combine our expertise inBig Data, the specialized Contact Center Inhouse and a unique Lead Capture System, you result in the best digital sales solution on the market. Whatever your sector or vertical, we customize our solutions to adapt to your current sales processes, integrating us into your workflows and CRM's.

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How do we do it?

Our value chain starts from the design and conception of the action, taking into account the objectives and processes of our clients, until the last sales phase, intervening in all stages of the funnel and digital customer journey: advertising, data mining, qualification, citation, sales channels, training and processes, traceability and CRM.

Our most powerful tool for capturing qualified leads, generates more than 400.000 potential clients per year.

We have various digital sales processes optimized and tested in more than 1 million campaigns carried out for +500 clients.

Our in-house Contact Center specialized in automotive and finance generates more than 45,000 calls per month.

We analyze more than 5.9 million data to identify and segment potential buyers, always complying with European RGPD regulations.


Achieve your sales goals and make your marketing investment profitable.


Our challenge is to provide the best sales solution for dealers and manufacturers through 100% tactical actions aligned with the commercial objectives of the network. We guarantee quality leads, qualified opportunities, traffic, and orders, both from VO and VN to the entire network through different sales formats.


Our specialization in the automotive sector is present in our DNA and in all our solutions, making us uniquely capable of generating a very high volume of sales under this modality of purchase by quota and with everything included.


We manage hundreds of potential buyers of private cars and motorcycles daily, becoming a powerful tool for generating potential clients interested in acquiring or renewing their car or motorcycle insurance.

Financial sector

Thanks to our advanced big data tools and qualified lead generation, we are able to find, filter, and qualify clients interested in applying for a mortgage or loan in the short term.

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Liddeo is an approved supplier of the main automotive manufacturers and portals on the market.

We are your strategic digital partner.